Buckingham Railway Walk
Conservation Group

We have a varied calendar of tasks, examples of our annual projects include: cleaning out and maintaining the 50 or so bird boxes along the site and monitoring them for nesting activity, results of which are shared with the British Trust for Ornithology, cutting and clearing glades and transplanting local indigenous species to encourage the growth of wildflowers which support a greater diversity of insects and butterflies, repair of seating and fencing and also improving the pond by planting marginals and cutting back overhanging branches.  

We regularly prune back overhanging branches and trees which are growing tall searching for light in the dense canopy. Wood is cut and stacked in log piles, the smaller brushwood used to build habitat piles for small mammals and invertebrates.  We have also sought advice from the Mid-Shires Orchard Group on the restoration and regeneration of the orchard planted by local railway workers during the First World War. Together with annual pruning of the existing trees local heritage varieties of fruit trees have been planted which should help ensure the provision of a source of free fruit for the local community as well as being a valuable resource for wildlife.
We are by no means experts on wildlife and conservation but we seek to identify any unknown species of plants and animals we come across as we work. We also take advice on managing the area from the Biodiversity Team at Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckingham Town Council Greenspaces Officer, therefore our knowledge base continues to improve. 
Several members have received training in the use of a brushcutter, which assists in many clearing activities and we have attended other informal tree and flower identification sessions held locally. Our tasks are planned in advance during meetings when we take into account previous work, the growing and nesting/breeding season of the local wildlife.

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